Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Animal stencil jeans diy

Every closet needs a good ole pair of statement jeans. This look is great to pair with a bulky sweater for the winter months but still great for rolling into the warmer months, since we chose more of a spring time animal. Take a look below to see how we created these pants.
Bunny pants steps diy
Supplies: light colored jeans, fabric paint, paint brush, adhesive foam sheet, sponge brush, pen, and scissors.
1. Begin by tracing the outline of the bunny onto the foam. 2. Once you've created an outline you're happy with, cut it out and apply it to the wood block. To create a thicker stamp, repeat this process and attach two layers of the foam, extending it farther from the wood. 3. Lastly, paint a thin layer onto the stamp and begin applying it to the pants in a pattern. We chose a paint that's the same color—just a darker shade—to give it more of a subtle look than a black or white might provide.Bunny pants diy
xo. Kinsey

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