Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DIY Transformations for Used Clothing

Being unique is always in and having a one-of-a-kind wardrobe always helps! It’s simple – shop and buy used clothing at the Arc Store in Chico, mend and morph it to be your own, and then sport it! DIY (do it yourself) clothing projects aren’t always worn. Here are a few easy ways to repurpose used clothing.

Sweater to Boot Socks

Ok, this is genius! We all know how popular knee high boots are for winter right? Well, here is a way to make those cute boots even cuter. Come to the Arc Store in Chico and hunt for that perfect knit sweater. Once you have found the color you like, buy it, but first make sure the arms are wide enough to fit around your leg. Yes, I said the sleeves around your leg! Simply cut the sweater sleeves slightly above where your elbow would hit if you were wearing it. And there you have it, a boot sock! It’s that simple! Put the boot sock over your pants with the sewn hem about an inch above the top of the boot. It’s such a cute look! For a picture to reference check out the Arc Store on Pinterest.

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(Image Source: Scissortail Silk)

Dress shirt to Gift Wrap

Check out this cute idea. Use a nice dress shirt of any pattern to substitute for the dreaded wrapping paper. It’s two gifts in one!
Perfect for any occasion, birthday, Christmas and even house warming. Wrap whatever the gift may be in a gently used shirt purchased at the Arc Store; wrap the sleeves around, as if the shirt is hugging the present, to make like a bow.  And finally, attach a brooch or pendant selected from our vintage jewelry section (they are often on sale)! Check out the Arc Stores Facebook page for daily specials.

Pants to Shorts

So, what if you are in the midst of summer and shopping for shorts but you can’t find any that are both the right width and length? I’ve got a solution for you, buy pants! Yep, I said buy pants in the middle of summer! Any pants you buy can be made into shorts quickly and easily. Here are your options: You can cut and hem, cut and roll with the cut edge exposed, cut and roll enough so you can’t see the cut, or leave the denim strands exposed – all to be made to the desired length. For careful instruction for any style check out this blog.It’s easy!

Tank Top to Clothing Layer

Last but not least is an easy, no fuss way to create a layered look. Here’s how it’s done. Of course the project starts with a shopping excursion for used clothing at the Arc store in Chico. Choose and purchase a tank top or tight shirt of your desired color or pattern. In order to create your base layer you cut the shirt about a foot from the bottom hem. It’s much too hot to wear 2 shirts at a time, this way you don’t have to, but you still have that put together look of off set colors to make the perfect layered outfit. After you have cut you’ll want to hem the raw edge to prevent the top of your layer from rolling down. Voila! You’ve got yourself an “As Seen on TV” item for next to nothing!

I hope you take my advice to shop for gently used clothing items, save some money, take a little time and be unique! Before you visit the Arc Stores to shop for used clothing, remember to download the coupon below to bring in with you. Craft On!

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