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Make Your Own Boot Socks From Thrift Store Sweaters

It is super simple to Make Your Own Boot Socks From Thrift Store Sweaters! (Plus, you can totally make these on the cheap!)
This is such an EASY DIY! This tutorial has a lot of photos, but the project is super easy! I have the process, step-by-step, for you below.
The Boot Socks trend is super hot and you can pay a pretty penny for these in boutiques. Some folks call the version I am making here “leg warmers”…since they have holes on both ends. I call these boot socks because they tuck inside the boot. (I was a child of the eighties…so to me “leg warmers” these are not.)
thrift store sweaters
I headed to Goodwill and picked up a couple of sweaters for this project. I paid $5 each, BUT had I shopped on a different day I could have paid about half price.
VERY IMPORTANT- you want to choose sweaters with stretchy sleeves. Most people’s legs are larger than their arms. You are essentially making something that was meant to fit on an arm, fit a larger leg.
I made 2 versions- one version with lace and buttons and one version without any frills.
What You Need
What You Need:

Needle & Thread
cut here
Step 1:
Make a cut starting just before the sleeve meets the body seam. Make the cut straight across the sleeve (not in line with the seam).
stretch out
Step 2:
Stretch out the Sleeve by placing it over your leg. You want to get the sleeve stretched out before you add the frills.
Boot Socks (sleeves) should be even.
Step 3:
Turn the Sleeve inside out and then fold the “cut side” down about a half an inch.
Step 4:
Sew down the edge. You do not need to sew this tightly, BUT remember to make the large jumps on the inside of the sleeve. You will want to be neat on the side that will show.
sew aroundsewn
You can see the difference between the inside and the outside.
Step 5:
Sew the lace about a 1/4 an inch from the top. Note- you are sewing the the underside that will not show.
(Sew into the side that will be against your leg when you wear the boot socks.)
Step 6:
Turn the boot sock outside out.
Step 7:
Sew the buttons as close to the top as possible. Remember, only a couple of inches of the boot sock is meant to peek through.
Pretty! Hard to believe these were a sweater 20 minutes ago.
If you are looking to make these on the cheap, be sure to take a long a craft coupon when you go to purchase the lace and buttons. I found a little jar of white buttons in various sizes on the $1 rack at Michaels. I found the lace at Michaels as well…for about $3 after coupon. There was enough lace to do more than one set of boot socks.
Be sure to pin to save the tutorial for later. This is a great 30 minute project. These boot socks would also make a great gift.
You can also just make a simple pair of boot socks. (no frills)
I chose a bold print for my second set. I think lace and buttons would have been a bit much.
These were simply cut and sew. I had this set done in about 10 minutes.
Do it yourself leg warmers
If you prefer to PURCHASE Boot Socks, I recommend checking these sites:
These online stores often have sales or affordable options.
I must thank my loyal assistant Fluffy. She was very interested in the sweaters and decided to hang out with me through the duration of the project. I may have to make her a bed out of the sweater bodies.. though that is a project for another day.
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