Wednesday, December 24, 2014

20 Creative Nail Design Ideas To Accessorize Your Look With

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Every girl knows that beautiful nails are the best accessory for any outfit and any look. So which are your usual choices? Going with the usual minimalist design and simply painting your nails a nice color is definitely easy but that exactly creative. It can work in some cases but sometimes you need more than that if you want to stand out.

A much better choice is trying something different. For example, for a modern look you could try some geometric patterns and designs. Not all nail designs are difficult to create. Some you can easily do yourself. If you’re patient and creative, you can accomplish much more than that. For example, try something romantic for Valentine’s Day which, by the way, is just around the corner. For a fun night out, you could also use some glitter. Combine it with black if you want to look elegant at the same time. I particularly like those glittery snowflakes.

Another option can be to match your nails with the outfit you plan on wearing. For example, try replicating the pattern if there is one. If not, then pick the colors and go crazy with them. If you’re the playful type that likes color, then find ways to combine them in different ways. Try using small amounts of color on a white background and you’ll get a clean, simple and chic look. You can find more creative ideas in the examples we’ve chosen.

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