Tuesday, December 2, 2014

7 Beauty Tricks You Can Do With a Spoon

There are numerous beauty tools out there from spoolies to sponges and brushes galore. But, what happens when you’re in a rush and your essentials are lost in the depths of your makeup drawer  — possibly never to be seen again? You go into your kitchen and grab this unexpected utensil — a spoon. Spoons aren’t just for food anymore! Here are the tricks on how to officially integrate one into your beauty routine.

spoon beauty tricks

1. Hold a spoon underneath your lower lashes to efficiently coat them with mascara, without the mess.

 When your lash curler is MIA, place the back end of a spoon against your lid and lightly press your lashes against the edge for dramatic curl!

 Woke up to dreaded puffy under eye bags? Throw two spoons in the freezer while you get ready for your day and once they’re cold, gently glide them underneath your eyes from the inner to outer corners in order to drain fluid and also reduce puffiness in a pinch.

 As if contouring isn’t tricky enough! Make it easier by placing a spoon over the apples of your cheeks and brush a little sculpting powder just below. Make sure to blend out any lines!

Perfect your cat eye by using the handle of a spoon to assist you in drawing a straight, winged line, then flip the spoon and use the rounded edge to create the curved tip!

 Spoon uses don’t stop at makeup! Use the tip of a spoon to gently push back your cuticles when there’s no time for your monthly mani.

Help heal a new pimple by applying a hot (but, comfortable) spoon to it until it cools off. Run hot water over the spoon, and test the temperature on the back of your hand before applying it to your face.

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