Thursday, December 25, 2014

spray paint thrift store finds

You can completely makeover thrift store finds with spray paint!
I LOVE white dishes.  They’re simple and brighten up any space.  I’ve used chalk paint in the past to paint glass before (click on picture below to see more):
But, although the chalk paint worked, this time I wanted a more glossy look.  I’m obsessed with this Martha Stewart photo:
All you need for my DIY version is:  (glossy) white spray paint & some thrift store finds.
I headed out to my local Goodwill and looked for dishes with good shapes.  Here’s what I found:
I bought glossy white Rust-Oleum Spray paint at Lowes, and I gave the pieces three coats of paint.  (This spray paint is amazing and smooth, but the crazy trigger almost makes painting too easy.  I had to be very careful not to overspray.  Seriously, this trigger is too much fun.)  It’s important to do several light coats verses one heavy coat.  It WILL drip if you’re not careful!
Not quite Martha Stewart, but I’m happy with the results!
My glossy white dishes are now displayed in my yellow hutch, and you can see more on my yellow hutch here (click on the picture below):
Now, I may not be able to “use” my dishes (these are for DECOR purpose only!), but they sure do complete my hutch.
sincerely, sara d.

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