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I LOVE to do A LOT of our school clothes shopping at Thrift Stores.  The truth is..I love to shop at Thrift Stores no matter what.  I have been doing this for many many years and over the years I’ve learned a ton of tricks for getting beautiful, stylish clothes at rock bottom prices and I want to share them with you.  So here are my…


With back to school just around the corner, now is a good time to jump on some super good deals and totally cute, trendy clothes for teens.  In case you haven’t noticed a brand new pair of trendy jeans for teens is about $50-$100!  Oh yes!
Guide to Thrift Shopping
Many people don’t like to shop at Thrift Stores for different reasons.  One reason..well they it just seems “icky” to them.  That’s perfectly ok, but you may want to consider it after you read my Pro Thrift Store Tips!
The other reason..It’s very overwhelming to them to search through tons and TONS of clothing that many times is not organized very well.  It’s a waste of time and energy to go to the Thrift Store and then come home with nothing or little to show for it besides frustration.
I’ve been shopping Thrift Stores FOREVER!  I’ve learned a lot of tricks and insider tips to save time AND money at them.  With school just around the corner I wanted to share some of them with you.
  1. Know Your Colors – This is SUPER IMPORTANT!  With racks upon racks of every color under the sun, mish mashed together with no rhyme or reason, it is a must to know what your colors are.  Example: If you are shopping for a sweater and there are hundreds of sweaters on the rack, you will need to go through each and every sweater that is on the rack to find that just right sweater.   NO don’t do this..huge time waster!  Knowing your colors will keep you from sorting through each and every sweater.  Then you can skim through the sweaters really fast and only look at the colors that you are specifically looking for.  This will cut your time in half at least.  You can still look at other colors of course, but keep your focus on the colors that are just right for YOU (or your kids)  If you are really lucky you will find a thrift store that keeps “like colors” together.
  2. Know Your Sizes – Another time waster.  Most people know their sizes BUT do you know that different designers all fit a little different?  Be sure you have an idea of what your size looks like..including the fit of the legs, length, curve etc..
  3. Make a list BEFORE you go – This may seem a bit of a no brainer but, it’s easy to overspend at a thrift store because the prices or so good.  Don’t buy clothing items that you don’t really need. Have a budget in mind
  4. Know the Brands you are interested in finding – If you know what Brands you like the styles of..then besides color this is one of your biggies!  It’s great to find other Brands that you might like, but like mentioned could literally spend hours looking at every pair of pants (example) and give up the search for a cute pair that you already know you like the Brand of.
  5. You can ask for help – Maybe you didn’t know this..LOL but it’s perfectly ok to ask for help.  There are perfectly intelligent, competent people that work at Thrift Stores.  Can’t find something? Ask!
  6. Learn the Thrift Store tags (color, numbers etc.) – When you go into one of the larger thrift stores, most of them have a color code or number code for a certain percentage off for that day.  Be sure you know it!  This can save you up to 50% off on already good bargains.
  7. Ask the clerks what the sale cycle is – Many Thrift Stores have a little system which allows them to rotate their inventory.  Some are willing to share this system, others may not.  It’s definitely worth asking.  If you know the thrift store can find amazing deals and plan ahead!
  8. Shop early on sales days  – Don’t even think of going to major sales days in the middle of the day.  They are so packed it’s not worth the bargain.  Not at all (my opinion of course) Also don’t shop at the end of the day because inventory will be very picked over.  Go as soon as the store opens.  The early bird catches the worm!
  9. Don’t settle for Shabby – Please don’t settle for Shabby.  There are too many beautiful and like new clothing items at thrift store to think you need to get something with stains on it or a rip.  If you don’t find something, come back another day.
  10. Shop off Season – As with any store, thrift stores have bargain prices on items when they are off season.  (i.e.. buy Summer clothes in the Winter and Winter clothes in the Summer)
  11. Check if your Thrift Store has Discount Coupons – Some discount stores have discount cards or coupons.  You can get in the day before the general public on big sales if you are a member!  Yay, no crowds!
  12. Check to see if your Thrift Store has a Senior Discount – This one is new to us!  My husband is now a Senior!  Yay!
  13. Try things on – It’s a pain to have to return things isn’t it?  Enough said.
  14. Take things home and try on during BIG annual sales – If you have ever been to one of these big sales and turned around and walked out with nothing because the lines for the fitting rooms were just too long, consider buying and trying on at home.  If you know what you like, your sizes, your colors..etc.  Chances are that you may not have to bring anything back. But even if you do…it’s worth it, at the rock bottom prices you will be getting at these sales. 
  15. Don’t get side tracked – There is a lot of great stuff in thrift stores so stay focused, unless of course you have whole day to spend there!


  • Don’t buy Undies unless packaged and unopened..enough said.
  • Wash the clothing when you bring them home and are sure you are going to keep them.  Honestly I have never ever had a problem and have never ever heard of anyone having a problem, but…just in case.
  • Dress nicely when you go shopping at a Thrift Store.  There is absolutely no reason why you should feel or look as though you are “slumming it” just because you are choosing to shop wisely.
I hope you found some new tools for your tool chest today, to arm you with the best ways to have a Successful Clothes Shopping trip at a Thrift Store! Blessings!

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  1. I shop at Goodwill thrift stores here in the Houston area often and find great bargains, but unfortunately they don't allow returns on any items, so I always make sure and try on clothes to make sure they fit and I really like them.