Tuesday, December 2, 2014

20 Classic Nail Designs for 2014

Have you ever had such kind of trouble when pairing your nails with your outfits? Don’t worry, today I’ll provide you with 20 classic nail designs in this post. With their help, I bet you will never have those troubles again before going out every day!
Generally speaking, the understated tones like grey, white and black will be our priority when it comes to get along easily with outfits of all styles. Apart from that, you can also add some glitter to give your final look another spot of sparkle. Besides, choosing some classic patterns like stripes, dots, flowers or chevrons will definitely make your nails stunning and special in any occasion. For teenage girls, you can opt for some lovely animal prints to show off your youthful flair.
At last, if you want to make your nails look more glamorous and impressive, the delicate beads, pearls and gemstones will be the exactly accessories you need at this point.
White Nail Design IdeaWhite Nail Design Idea via

White and Pink Nail Design IdeaWhite and Pink Nail Design Idea via

Striped Nail Design IdeaStriped Nail Design Idea via

Purple Nail Design IdeaPurple Nail Design Idea via

Pink Nail Design IdeaPink Nail Design Idea

Patel Pink Nail Design IdeaPatel Pink Nail Design Idea via

Orange Dotted Nail Design IdeaOrange Dotted Nail Design Idea via

Mint Patterned Nail Design IdeaMint Patterned Nail Design Idea 

Mint Nail Design IdeaMint Nail Design Idea via

Leopard Print Nail Design IdeaLeopard Print Nail Design Idea via

Grey Nail Design IdeaGrey Nail Design Idea via

Gliter Pink Nail Design IdeaGliter Pink Nail Design Idea

Embellished Nail Design IdeaEmbellished Nail Design Idea via

Coral Nail Design IdeaCoral Nail Design Idea via

Blue Patterned Nail Design IdeaBlue Patterned Nail Design Idea via

Blue Nail Design IdeaBlue Nail Design Idea 

Blue Embellished Nail Design IdeaBlue Embellished Nail Design Idea

Black and White Nail Design IdeaBlack and White Nail Design Idea via

Black and Pink Nail Design IdeaBlack and Pink Nail Design Idea via

Babayblue Nail Design Idea

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