Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Century Of Chairs [Infographic]

Chairs. They are the things we sit on. We might not think about it too much, (probably because our butts are on top of them) but there have been a wide variety of chairs that have been created in our time here on Earth. We’ve got the rocking chair, folding chair, recliner… wait, where the eff is the recliner on this infographic?! I AM OUTRAGED. The recliner is an excellent chair. Maybe they only wanted chairs that you can’t snore on top of in this infographic… especially since some of the chairs we’ve made in the last century don’t look too comfy…
This nicely stylized infographic shows some of the most distinct and classic chairs that have been created by humans in the past century and beyond. The first category of classic chairs are pretty familiar. We see these guys all the time. The ones in the second part of the list are a bit, shall we say… unique? My favorite out of these modern chairs is probably the ball chair. I mean, how did that chair ever go out of style? So fuzzy looking.
Most of the chairs on this list seem like they belong in a museum of sculpture, but I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to modern chairs… maybe these chairs will have more common with this current century than in the last. But nobody’s taking away my recliner anytime soon.

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