Saturday, December 27, 2014

Create This Cute Winter Wonderland Nail Design

Introducing 'Percy the Penguin'! It's cute right?

Spend the day in Winter Wonderland by creating this sweet snowflake nail design.

Create Holiday Tree Tinsel Nail Design

Accented with the personality of a precious penguin, winter has never been so heartwarming. Follow these easy and creative steps to show off the cutest characters of this winter season.

Step One: Paint all nails blue. I used Midnight by Sally Girl.

Step Two: Apply a coat of sparkle polish. I used Starburst by Sally Girl.

Step Three: Paint two circles, forming the body of penguin on one finger.

Step Four: While the penguin is drying, create snowflakes on each nail with your thin tip polish. I used Strip Rite in white.

Step Five: Create snow dots as desired. I used Stripe Rite polish in white.

Step Six: Using your fine tip brush, draw the penguin’s stomach and the brim and tip of the hat.

Step Seven: Create the body of the hat, I used Sally Girl “Dorothy’s Slippers.”

Step Nine: Create the penguin’s feet and beak. I used Sally Girl’s “Tangerine Orange.”

Step Ten: Finish off your perfect penguin by adding eyeballs. I used Stripe Rite in black.

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