Monday, December 1, 2014

Grow your hair longer: how to.

We are girls, and I bet, we all dream about having long beautiful healthy hair, hair that will make us feel prettier. You may have had it, but you cut it off, or it was damaged, so many split ends. or You may have kept the hair short, or even like a pixie cut, for a very long time, but now you are obsessed to grow them longer. or You want to prevent hair loss. Whatever your reason is, our wish is the same, and I will help you make it a reality.
I had long beautiful hair until a year ago when I cut them off. The reason behind my action, I got tired of my sun burnt, lifeless, damaged, broken hair, in that point, that it did not seem to ever get back in the right mood.
So, I used the scissors to solve the problem. I cut my hair in a long A-bob side. The style looked nice on me, and I felt really good, a new me.
But, the great feeling did not last. After a while, I caught myself missing my long hair, so I began searching and clicking every link on the internet promising hair growing long.

The secret to grow longer hair

Natural Do it Yourself Masks!
Yes, I said that homemade masks did not help me, but I did find one that helped me, a lot.
In fact, you do not need many ingredients. You only need one ingredient, and you absolutely find it in your kitchen. Something you use to cook with, and as a salad dressing. It is: Olive Oil. Just make sure to have:
  • olive oil from your kitchen,
  • a bowl to heat it,
  • and that is all.

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How to proceed in growing long hair

Pour the olive oil in the bowl, and heat it gradually. You may use the oven, or the microwaveable, but I suggest using the oven, as you can be in control of the heat.
Pay attention to the temperature of the oil, you do not want it to burn your skin, so make sure to try it with your fingers. It should not burn, it should only feel warm, not very hot. If you use hot oil, it will make your hair fall, not grow! So be careful!
When it is hot enough so when you touch it, you can tolerate the heat in your fingers, take it off the oven [or the microwave] and go to the bathroom.
Comb your hair while you are bending forward. After that, apply the olive oil from the roof to the hair's ends with your bare hands. Do not wear any gloves, as they will break the hair, and it will hurt.
After you have applied the olive oil in all the hair's length, stay like that, with your head down, for about 4 minutes. The reason is that the blood will circulate better in the skin of your head, and this will make it easier of your hair to absorb all the nutrients.
Then, put on a towel, and leave the mask on for about 30 minutes. If you can stand it, you can also sleep with the mask in your head, but in this case wear a shower cap, and put a towel in your pillow. When you will have the shower, shampoo it well to remove all the oil, and put on a conditioner as you usually do.
Do not rub the hair with the towel, because the towel will cause breakage to the hair.
Do not massage your scalp with nails, as you will make and leave scars there, even if you do not see them. The scars will damage the hair, and your nails may even make them fall, as they make the cuticles of the hair weaker. Use always your finger's tips.

Other Olive Oil benefits

  1. It aids with weight loss
  2. It aids with digestion
  3. it is anti-aging, you can put it on your face and leave it on for 30minutes then rinse.
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. Clears skin
  6. Conditions leather
  7. It is a chewing gum remover from your hair, or your clothes without additional damage, just be careful to not spread too much of it on the clothes.
  8. Earache remedy
  9. Earwax removal
  10. Furniture polish
  11. Face moisturizer
  12. It fights Diabetes, you can use olive oil in everything you cook and every salad.
  13. Frees stuck zippers
  14. Hair growth
  15. Helps with diaper rash
  16. Helps with eczema
  17. Improves psoriasis
  18. Improves snoring
  19. Lowers bad cholesterol
  20. It is a Make up remover, use cotton balls with olive oil to remove make up and clear your skin.
  21. Moisturizes hands
  22. Natural lubricant
  23. Oil pulling -you can do the oil pulling method by keeping olive oil in your mouth for about 2-3 minutes while moving your tongue around, then spill it out. Careful not to swallow it. Wash your mouth well to remove any left bacteria.
  24. Prevents cat hairballs
  25. Prevents breast cancer
  26. Salad dressing
  27. Shaving cream
  28. Sunburn relief
  29. Stainless steel polish
  30. Sticker remover
  31. Treats lice

Other organic solutions in the comfort of your home

Works as Shampoo
Works as Conditioner
Baking Soda
Apple Cider Vinegar
Green tea
Coconut oil
Warm lemon water

Tips and Tricks to healthy hair

  1. Do not comb hair while wet as you will damage them.
  2. Once every two weeks, put on a homemade hair mask.
  3. Try to prevent using heat on the hair, when is not that necessary.
  4. Try to not put on any hair product that you do not really need.
  5. Make sure the shampoos and hair conditioner, or any other hair products do not contain parabens - a toxic chemical.
  6. Do not wash your hair everyday. If you must do so, then do not use shampoo everyday. Shampoo your hair every two days, and in the no-shampoo day just rinse with water.
  7. If you can stand it, rinse your hair with cold water as it will give your hair more shine, and close the pores which will prevent somehow the hair loss.

How to do you hair

The low knot

  1. Divide your hair into two sections.
  2. Knot them together.
  3. Knot again.
  4. Knot once more if your hair length allows it.
  5. Secure it with an elastic.
  6. Wrap it around itself.
  7. Secure with bobby pins and a little hair spray if you need to.


This is a clever idea to wear Pigtails.
If you hate the part-line that appears in the middle of your back head, than part your hair this way, and secure them with clear or colorful elastics.

French braid

If you have bangs that you want to get rid of the face, or not, this french braid is the way to go.
Simple and fast, you only have to take the front line hair and create the fishtail braid known as french braid. Wrap a clear elastic band around the end, and fix it with bobby pins.
No hair spray needed.

Quick twist

  1. Grab your hair in one side.
  2. Twist it with itself.
  3. Than move it to the other side keeping it straight.
  4. Fix it with bobby pins and hair spray.
  5. Than twist again the remaining part of hair.
  6. Move it to the other side, lie it on the first section.
  7. Fix it with bobby pins and hair spray.
  8. Hide the ends within the twisted hair.

The simple bun

This is the usual top knot, the simplest bun you may ever wear.
If you do not know how to make this bun as perfect as in this photo I will advise you to use a sock.
Check this link to know how to make a bun using a sock!

Wear it long

If you are not a fan of hair buns, or ponytails, you can wear your hair long.
I am showing your 4 hair styles in this photo:
  • Straight hair with soft waves at the end.
  • Very straight hair.
  • Wavy hair.
  • Straight hair at the top of the head that ends with big beach waves.

Tips and Tricks

  1. In order to keep your hair shiny, healthy and beautiful without split ends and other damages, do not forget to put gels or creams that are specified to protect hair from the heat. Use them every time you shower, no matter if you are going to straighten your hair, use a hair dryer, or not. Hair can be damaged even of the heat from the sun, or every day temperatures.
  2. After you style your hair, and use a hair spray to fix them, do not forget to also use a hair cream to polish the hair. Unless you have wavy or curly hair, do not ruin the look.
  3. If you have a curly hair, after shower, on wet hair, put a hair cream, and then use a hair dryer diffusion to dry them. The cream will give the curls more bounce and volume.

Hair questions answered. take note :)


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