Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hide-Away Power Outlet For The Kitchen Makes Organization Even Easier

Now this is cool, though there are some limitations I read about with this item. With this convenient pop-up power strip, you will need to plug it into something, and if you don’t have a power outlet inside of the base of your cabinet where you want this installed, you will need to get one installed.

Amazon model shown below:


Despite this model of hide-away power stations costs $34 USD at Mockett, there is one off Amazon that is almost the same price (considering that you pay shipping with Mockett, and nothing with the Amazon model for $50.99 USD. So, I’d probably have th recommend the Amazon one for sure. You can see the Amazon model at the very bottom with pictures.

Mockett model shown below:


And to secondly mention, even though this thing apparently has a water proof gasket, and the UL listing, they are still a non-GFI outlet and so this is not up to code to be used in the Kitchen. As most kitchen outlets near a water source with GFI, is deadly, if you would ask me personally. You just can’t pass any sort of electrical inspection with one of these things installed. So in this case you can only use things like these as “retrofits”.

Despite all of that, I think it’s very cool.

I tried to find this specific product on the website of the creator but failed to find it. I even tried the model number shown in this image. Anyways there are other similar products to find on the website. Just so you know, the name of the creator is Doug Mockett which is also the name of his company.

If you scroll to the bottom, I have found an alternative to this solution from Amazon, check it out below..


Below, is the “Hide-a-Power Three Outlet Station“, which only costs $50.99 USD. It’s a three outlet station that brings more power and organization to your tabletop or desktop than any other space-consuming power bar that would take up half your desk space, or half your floor space. Just rest your feet now.. it’s okay. Use that space for one of those foot massagers or something. This device has three outlets ready for you to use once pulled out, and will fit any 3″ grommet hole. It requires a 12″ amount of clearance under your work surface, and needs a 125v 12a maximum power source. It just requires you as a handy man or your husband to install it.

hide away power outlet

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