Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Hello, and welcome to this week’s “Pinterest Taught Me How To”!  Hope you enjoy these how to’s – I had fun picking these out this week!

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1.  How To Make A DIY Chalkboard Glass - These would be so fun for a party!  Not to mention these are easy to make!  Dip them in chalkboard paint, let them dry, and have guests write their names on their own glass.

Great feature wall idea! I think I will do this with a brown, dark blue, and grey!
source unknown
2.  How To Paint A Fun Geometric Wall – I think this could look so great in a teenage boys room or really anywhere!  I love a good, simple DIY!  ( I could not find a source for the life of me, but the photo explains it pretty well.)

3.  How To Send A Message In An Egg - I know it’s not Easter yet, but I think this idea would be adorable as way to announce a bun in the oven.  (which of course all the rage these days is to find some creative way to tell people about a baby, gender reveals, etc.  Sorry Fam, we always just did the plain ‘ole phone call.  ; )  )

brit + co
brit + co
4.  How To Use Contact Paper For All Sorts Of Terrific Projects - I really liked all of the ideas presented in this Brit + Co round-up of all things DIY contact paper.  Who knew there were so many GREAT looking projects you could make with it?  I love the above tray, and the wall decor ideas shown are neat, too. This is a fun read!

real simple
real simple
5.  How To Make Cute Valentines With Things You Probably Have In Your House – If you need some easy DIY Valentine ideas, this slideshow is a really nice resource.  Most of these valentines are made with everyday things you probably have laying in a drawer somewhere, and with a little paint and a cute quip, you have yourself a pretty adorable love note for someone special.

Have an awesome and restful weekend whatever you are doing!

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