Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Will make one to match color inside my home too. Valentine's Day Decor
Happy February! The month of L-O-V-E! I’m happy that we’re to February. There is a lot going on this month to be excited about (including discovering the gender of our little one and having two baby showers for my twin sister, to name a couple of happenings this month). And I can’t forget the celebration of Valentine’s Day. I’ve always loved this holiday, with or without a man!
Valentine’s Day is such a fun little holiday to decorate the house for. There are so many options out there splattered in pink and red. I have some favorites, some I’ve tried and some I’d love to try, that I’d like to spread the word about.
First, use of the conversation heart:
Wooden Convo Hearts @ The Peanut Paintshop
I love the idea of having all of the names of everyone in the family displayed on wooden conversation hearts. Just too cute!
Conversation Heart Vases @ It’s the Little Things That Make a House a Home
This is such a creative and inexpensive decoration! I love how she has showcased the iconic conversation heart candies with a white candle.
Next, lovely words for the home:
I Love You Infinity Times Infinity Print @ Twine & Teacups
I love this saying. This print would make the perfect gift for someone. I would love this kind of reminder in my house!
Love Story Print @ eighteen25
Shocking that these girls would come up with a free printable download for us to display so happily in our homes. I use almost all of the printables they’ve put out there, including this one! It looks so fun and festive sitting out.
Valentine’s Day Saying @ Landee On Etsy
Don’t you just love this saying? I sure do. The vinyl letters can be purchased through this wonderfully awesome Etsy shop and added to any size board to make your own special sign.
And finally, two lovely wreaths:
Kisses and Hugs Wreath @ Two Inspire You on Etsy
I love the classy look of this wreath! Especially set against that black door. I may be painting my front door just for this wreath.
And last but not least…
Valentine Heart Wreath @ The Idea Room
I am especially attached to this wreath because I made one for myself last year. It was super duper easy and fun to make. It takes a little bit of time, but it’s definitely worth it when you reach the end. I love this wreath! Which reminds me, I need to get mine out today!

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