Wednesday, December 24, 2014

30 Totally Genius and EASY Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Every year our elf comes to play after Thanksgiving and stays until Christmas Eve. This is a month's worth of easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas.
Oh, Elf on the Shelf. I am willing to admit that even though I find you a little bit creepy and a lot of work, you are actually pretty fun. Every year our elf, Tricksie (get it??) comes out to play just after Thanksgiving and stays until Christmas Eve. That means we need about a month’s worth of Easy Elf on the Shelf ideas!
This year, I am going to be prepared! I am planning my 30 Elf on The Shelf Ideas now! And my plan is for them to be easy and quick to do. No more freaking out at the last minute and running around the house with wrapping paper and food dye!
If you don’t have your elf on the shelf yet, you can get one here! (affiliate link)

30 Totally Genius and EASY Elf on the Shelf Ideas

  1. When your elf first arrives, wrap him up like a present. (We actually wrapped a box and a lid at my house and I just use the same one each year.)
  2. These little Elf-sized coloring sheets are crazy cute!
  3. Let your elf have a sack race with the other stuffed animals in the house!
  4. Elves need showers, too! (She used toilet paper as towels. Brilliant.)
  5. Add your elf to the mantle with his own little portrait picture frame.
  6. Have your army men take your elf hostage!
  7. Sometimes your elf needs a little nap.
  8. Let your elf share a syrup shake with Barbie. So cute.
  9. Sometimes your elf on the shelf will get into a little mischief.
  10. One of my favorite easy elf on the shelf ideas is the marshmallow bath!
  11. Print out this little kissing booth for your elf! Adorbs.
  12. I love toothpaste elf because he helps your kids get ready for school in the morning!
  13. Have your lego people tie down your elf! Love!
  14. Elves RULE! Hah!
  15. Your elf can go fishing!
  16. Elf on the Shelf can make lunch for the next day!
  17. Okay, so this one takes a little bit of time, but we kept our wrapped toilet for the whole month of Christmas!
  18. My elf ALWAYS TP’s the tree. Everyone that comes over thinks we are insane!
  19. Sometimes your elf gets a little cold going back and forth from the North Pole!
  20. Make a little snowman from the snow outside and save it in the freezer with your elf for a sweet surprise!
  21. Elf Twister is super cute and super easy to make. You just print and you’re done!
  22. Candy bowling for your elf on the shelf is adorable! It takes no time at all to set up!
  23. I love the idea of elves cutting paper snowflakes!
  24. Make sure you feed your elf some cookies! Or else.
  25. Let your elf wrap some presents!
  26. Have your elf on the shelf write a cheerio note!
  27. Hang your elf from a slinky!
  28. Your elf can make the most adorable little sprinkle angel.
  29. Or your elf can have a little fun with the scanner.
  30. Your elf can never have too many google eyes!


  1. lol im trying to trick my sibling with these but is there another toy my elf can have a dsate with?