Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to Make a Kazoo

How to make a kazoo
These totally brought me back to being a kid again!  What kid doesn’t like a kazoo??  And what mom actually does like their kids to have a kazoo?  Ok, just kidding.  My house is already loud so I figure, what the heck, they’re making music. ;)  So in this post I teach you how to make a kazoo.  Ready?
These are so easy to make.
Toilet Paper rolls
paint or markers
Wax paper
Rubber bands
I let my kids paint and decorate their toilet paper roll.
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(And for the record, do not leave a 4-year-old unattended with paint, even for a quick minute and even when you think that since he just turned 4 that his 3-year-old tricks are now in the past.  Unless of course you are really wanting a Van Gogh on your kitchen floor.  Which is what I got when I came back, saw he had dropped his paints and decided, “What the heck, it’s already spilled, let’s make a masterpiece!”  I wish I had taken a picture now but in the moment I really just wanted it to come off my kitchen floor.)
Then just cut a square of wax paper and wrap it over the end of the tp roll and secure with a rubber band.How to make a Kazoo from
Then let your kids hum or sing into them and make music to their heart’s content or until your ears can’t take it anymore.  When that time comes just send them outside to play for the neighbors.  After all, that’s what summertime is for right?
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