Monday, January 12, 2015

Clever DIY Ways To Organize Your Entire Life

1. Tea Shelf

Tea Shelf
Organize all your teas (or coffees or spices or what-have-yous) in this prettified champagne box by Sarah from Look What I Made.
Materials: an old wine or champagne box (you can get it at wine stores or even some delis), two pieces of the lid of the box (you’ll get it in pieces anyway since it breaks when opened), four screws, decorative paper (old wrappig paper will do the trick), and a screwdriver.
1. Take the box and fit the paper in the back. Just fold the edges in to get the right size. No need to glue it- adding the shelves will secure it in place.
2. Take the pieces of the lid and fit them in where you want the shelf to go. Screw them to the sides.
3. Once you have the pieces of the lid set and steady, the little shelf is finished.

2. Book Letter Holder

Book Letter Holder
Don’t let your mail just pile up on the counter this year. Use this tutorial by Renee from Bulb to Blossom to turn an old book into an elegant letter holder.
Materials: a book (a smaller hardcover works nicely), craft glue, a sponge brush, a ruler, and a utility knife.
1. First, after separating the book into equal sections, apply glue to the inside of the seam.
2. Use the sponge brush to spread the glue evenly along the seam.
3. Roll the first section of the book inward and press it into the seam, and hold in place.
4. Continue this process for the remaining sections.
5. After the glue has dried, use your ruler and utility knife to score the cover of several times, removing the excess. Do this for the front and back cover.

3. Address Book

Address Book
You meant to send out those thank you cards, mail that New Year letter, and just keep in touch in general. However when the “daunting” task of writing that letter, and penning 30+ addresses… sometimes best of intentions is as far as it goes. So create this zero effort address mailing book by Ursula from Homemade by Carmona that takes the scary out of the task! Perfect for Christmas cards, paying bills, sending out party invitations, or just your everyday letter.
Materials: binder, plastic divider pockets and/or sheet protectors, variety of address labels, and stationery materials (cards, envelopes, paper, stamps, stickers, and ribbon).
1. Create address labels. Using the template instructions included with the labels, type up addresses by category. Try categories such as His Side of the Family, Her Side of the Family, Friends of the Family, Business Associates, Church Friends, even Monthly Bills, etc. Don’t forget to create return address labels.
2. Print an address template on paper rather than directly onto labels. Addresses may change over time, and it is better to keep a paper template you can copy off of when you are ready to print your actual labels. Make any necessary changes on your computer and print up a new paper template rather than waste pre-printed labels. (The only exception is return address labels.)
3. Organize and stock the binder. Use pocket dividers or sheet protectors to organize address templates, a variety of label styles (same size), cute stationery, stickers, stamps, etc.
4. Use your address book often!! When it is time to plan that party or send those thank you notes, pull the appropriate address category, print your labels, adhere, and send.

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